What is HACCP

HACCPとは、1960年代に米国で宇宙食の安全性を確保するために開発された食品の衛生管理の方式です。Hazard Analysis Critical Control Pointの頭文字からとったもので、危害分析重要管理点」と訳されています。
HACCP is a food hygiene control gem made to secure the safety of space food in the United States in the 1960's Hazard Analysis critical control point from the first letter and is translated as[critical management point for hazard analysis]
With the  internationalization of foodstuffs,it is becoming difficult to sufficiently prevent harm in the system of raw food products etc.being circulated on an international scale and pollution by environment-polluting microorganisms etc,which have conventionally been used to inspect the final foods I will. In order to ensure the safety of food, it is necessary to treat hygienically at all stages  of its process. processing,distribution and consumption.
The idea of "HACCP system" that monitors and records important management points leading to harm prevention during food manufacturing process in real time is a joint institution of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) It was announced by the Codex Committee and internationally recognized that it recommends its recruitment to each country.




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